Is NAS-Phoenix right for me?

Are you capable, curious, and creative? Do you face some obstacles to academic success even though a college education is your main focus? Are you willing to work really hard every single day?  If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions and you have the courage and confidence to step off the traditional education treadmill, then you may wish to consider New America School – Phoenix. Here are 10 more reasons why NAS-Phoenix may be the place for you!

  1. Tuition Free: NAS-Phoenix is a public charter high school.
  2. Coursework relates to YOUR interests and needs:   includes classes that will help you succeed in the world beyond the classroom. We require Public Speaking, Personal Finance, and Service Learning to help prepare you for life in an increasingly global society.  You’ll be expected to participate in rigorous discussion, ask questions, and challenge your teachers!
  3. Lots of support: NAS-Phoenix is a small school where you will receive tutoring, counseling, and guidance from a dedicated staff and faculty.  We provide the extra help you need to master the high school curriculum, prepare for post-secondary life, and enroll in college classes at no expense.
  4. Caring Staff and Faculty: NAS teachers are caring, flexible, and responsive to the needs of their students
  5. Diversity: NAS-Phoenix teachers and students come from from all over the world, including Latin America, Africa, Asian and Eastern European nations
  6. Good Value:  Two years of college is expensive. So getting a jump-start on your college education while still in  high school means  a student can either graduate from college sooner or take more advanced classes in college.
  7. Internships and Service to our Community: At NAS, we expose you to professionals in the fields of Public Service, Finance, Technology and the Arts. We intend to establish internship sites throughout Phoenix to support you in fulfilling your graduation requirements.
  8. Dropping out is not an option:  Graduating from high school most likely will determine how well you will live for the rest of your lives. At NAS-Phx, we know that high school dropouts are  four times more likely than college graduates to be unemployed. High school dropouts earn $300,000 less than high school graduates over their lifetime and they earn $1 million less than college graduates over their lifetime.
  9. Future ready focus: Our emphasis is on being ‘future-ready’ – for  college, career, civic life, and community.
  10. Reading and writing in all classrooms:  Literacy is emphasized in all disciplines: reading, writing, and Cornell notes are required in all classes