Registration and Class Dates

Question: When and where is registration?

Answer: 1734 Isleta Blvd SW from 7 AM-4 PM Monday through Friday

Question: I am under 18, can I register by myself?

Answer: Yes, if you are 18 and over, you may register yourself for classes.  You must register with a parent or guardian if you are under 18 years old.  If you do not live with your parents, or they do not live in the US, another adult may accompany you to register.

Question: What do I need to transfer from a different high school?

Answer: Transcripts from your other high school(s), Immunization records from your school if you do not have them at home.  If transferring from another high school, a withdrawal form with transfer grades is also very helpful.

Question: Until what date can I register?

Answer: Usually registration occurs at the beginning of quarters, see calendar for specific dates or call the school at 222-4360.

Immigrant and Personal Status

Question: Do I have to show citizenship documents?

Answer: No. You do NOT need to show citizenship documents because in the United States, everyone has access to education and it is against the law to ask about someone’s citizenship or ask for a Social Security card (Phyler vs. Doe, 1982).

Question:  I am over 18 years old and most public high schools do not allow me to register.  Will NAS allow me to register?

Answer: The New America School serves students from 14 through adults. In New Mexico, if you have not earned a high school diploma or GED, you are eligible to attend. Adult students may attend PM classes or complete on-line course work in our computer lab, or a combination of the two. Our AM program accommodates primarily 14-20 year old students.

Question:  I do not speak much English. Can NAS provide me with additional help? 

Answer:  Students with little or no English are placed in an English Language Development /English as a Second Language class to help them learn the basics, than as they learn more, they go into higher level classes.
Prior to the first day of classes, all NAS students will take an English Language proficiency exam to test how much English you know, so we can put you in the correct classes.

Question:  I am over 18 and most high schools have a younger population. What is the average age of students at The New America School?

Answer: The New America School has a wide range of ages from 14 through adult. Students of any age feel comfortable and can learn at our school.

Question:  I finished up to 6th grade in my country. Can I still attend your school?

Answer: Yes, The New America School accepts students of all grades as long as they are at least 14 years old.


Question:  I do not have money. How much are classes?

Answer: The New America School is a free, public New Mexico charter high school and does not charge tuition.

Question:  I have a baby and I do not have anyone that can watch him while I am in school.  Can The New America School help?

Answer: When you register, ask the counselor or office staff and they will give you a list of local daycare providers and/or programs for childcare. Remember, NAS-NM has classes from 8:00 AM-10:00 PM to accommodate all of our students.

Education/High School/Classes

Question:  Can I go to learn English only? Do I have to take other high school classes?

Answer: We encourage all students to take high school classes but we do accept those who can only take English classes. You must register for a full-schedule, which may include elective classes such as art, music, drama, or computers.

Question:  What kind of regular high school classes do you have?

Answer: We offer all classes required to earn your high school diploma in the State of New Mexico. We follow the state guidelines and required credits and assessments for graduation.
We offer all cores subjects such as: math, science, English, literature, social studies, history, and physical education/health. We also offer electives such as: Spanish for Spanish Speakers/Advanced Placement Spanish, math and reading intervention courses, creative writing, journalism (newspaper and yearbook) and student government.

Question:  I want to attend college and need a quality education. Will The New America School prepare me for college?

Answer: We offer all the classes you will need in order to attend college. Many NAS students are taking classes at the community colleges and college and doing well. Our instructors are all experienced teachers who are fully licensed in the State of NM, and in some cases, other states as well. Most of our teachers are endorsed to teach multiple subjects (such as Math and Science, or Social Studies and English). All of our teachers have their endorsement in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

NAS-NM has a dual enrollment agreement with Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) and NAS students can enroll in CNM courses free of charge! Please speak to the Guidance Counselor for information on CNM dual enrollment courses.

Question:  I attended high school for a while in my country. I do not know what grade it will correspond to in the American school system.  What should I do?

Answer: We will evaluate your transcripts and you will be tested and placed in the proper grade. You will take all the required classes you need in order to earn your diploma from the State of New Mexico.

Question:  Does the New America School offer any extracurricular activities or classes?

Answer: Yes.  We have a soccer team, school newspaper, yearbook, poetry club, and Student Government.

NM State charter school law also allows charter school students to participate in 1 sport at the local school where they reside. For example, if you live in the Albuquerque High School district, you may attend NAS-NM for your academics, and participate in one sport/athletic team at A.H.S. If you are a full-time student at NAS-NM, you may participate in your ‘home school’ athletic team, (no more than one per school year), as long as you maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and earn no more than one “F.” per nine week grade period (as per the New Mexico Activities Association).

Question:  How long will it take me to obtain my high school diploma?

Answer: That depends on what grade you will be in. But generally, you are able to attend as long as it takes you to earn your diploma. The Guidance Counselors will be able to give you an approximate graduation date after they evaluate your transcripts and test scores.

Question:  Will I be able to choose my classes?

Answer: Yes, up to a certain point. We are a small school with a lot of individual attention. But you have your choice of the schedule to fit your needs and desires. You may also choose to take a college course at CNM or an on-line course that we may not offer on campus via the Education 2020 online curriculum.

Scheduling: Day/Night; 4 day Schedule

Question:  What are the schedules at the schools for day and night classes?

Answer: Day and night classes are offered at all NAS schools. Students can go day or night, or both.

The day schedule is approximately 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The night schedule is approximately 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Refer specific questions to NAS staff or visit the website, www.newamericaschoolnm.org.
Some students attend both day and night if they want to graduate soon. You can work out these details at registration with the Guidance Counselor and Principal or Assistant Principal.

Question:  I might not be able to attend every day, or might have to leave early for work. Can I still register?

Answer: You can discuss this with the Guidance Counselor who will help you make arrangements with teachers. There is some flexibility, but generally you are expected to attend classes and there are attendance policies, just as in any school.


Question:  Do you provide transportation?

Answer: No, we do not provide transportation. But our schools are located close to bus lines and are very easy to access. We do offer City of Albuquerque bus passes for students to ride to school on the city bus route (as an incentive for good grades and high attendance rates).

Question:  Do you have a cafeteria?

Answer: Yes, NAS-NM will offer free breakfast and lunch to AM students, up to age 18, who qualify.  Students 18 and over who wish to participate in the school breakfast/lunch program will need to purchase meal tickets


Question:  What is the address for The New America School?

Answer: 1734 Isleta Blvd, at the intersection of Isleta and Valdora/Armijo (Armijo to the east, Valdora to the west). If headed north, turn right at the stop light on Isleta to Armijo Road. If headed south, turn left at the stop light. We are located in the former St. Anne’s convent building on Isleta (former Cornucopia building).

Question: Who do I call if I have more questions?

Answer: Call the NAS-NM office at (505) 222-4360 for more information or to ask specific questions